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Infinity Bundle

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Infinity Bundle

The Infinity Bundle event is now over and may stay forever closed. To those who have purchased: Thank You! We will contact you soon. If you purchased something directly from us in the past, your keys are still waiting to be sent to you. If you purchased something that was made by us from a third party site, it is now too late to get a complementary key. Thank you for your support!

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Faerie Solitaire 2 - IN DEV

The sequel to Faerie Solitaire brings more story, more adventure, more pets, and more game mechanics. More of everything, and better than ever!

Faerie Solitaire

The game that takes part in changing the way people think about solitaire. Mixing card play with fantasy elements, and there are also pets which can be found under stacks, and they can be hatched and evolved! Plus many faeries to save!

Faerie Alchemy - IN DEV

Faerie Alchemy expands the Faerie universe with alchemical fantasy and puzzle gameplay involving transmutation. Travel the lands past Avalon to find ancient magic and to uncover an ultimate evil's plot.

FaeSaga - IN DEV

Classic adventure gameplay re-imagined. FaeSaga is an experimental project. Cross-Platform Co-op? RPG Mechanics? Anything is possible!

Secret Game #1

Planned for release later this year.
A card game that will give you nightmares...

Secret Game #2

Another game planned for release later this year.
It is a puzzle game with a high fantasy story.


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